Media: 2-channel Audio
1204FX Mixer

This piece is the result of an improvisation I performed on a Behringer 1204FX hardware mixer. I recorded 1204-10-29 in one take using only the 2-channel output from the mixer. There is no additional material in the recording, nor any post-processing aside from normalization.

Typically used for audio routing and recording, any audio mixer can be turned into a feedback instrument when routed properly. This particular mixer has built-in digital signal processing which allows for more sonic possibilities and richer timbres. The following is the routing recipe I used for this piece:

The first pair of feedback loops was connected as follows:

  • Alt 3 output –> channel 1 input (trim at +60) –> sent to Alt 3-4
  • Alt 4 output –> channel 2 input (trim at +60) –> sent to Alt 3-4The second pair of loops was connected like so:
  • Aux Send 2 –> channel 5/6 L (+4) –> Main Mix (no Alt 3-4) –> Aux Sends 1-2 alternately asdesired
  • Aux Send 1 –> channel 7/8 R (+4) –> Main Mix (no Alt 3-4) –> Aux Sends 1-2 alternately asdesired
  • Aux Sends 1-2 at +15
  • Aux Returns at +5 to +10
  • Aux Return 1 to Aux Send 1 at +5

The reverberation heard is the built-in “Chapel” reverberation, program 19 on the mixer. I used the Control Room R & L output channels to route the audio to my laptop for recording. I monitored the sound using the headphone jack on the mixer with the volume as near to zero as I could get it.

The overall aesthetic of this piece is a dark one, the sonic palette is wet and mechanical and the surface texture is both elusive and combustible. A formal analysis reveals a Moment Form with superimposed elements that return at semi-symmetrical intervals. Headphones are recommended for listening, with a caveat: the piece begins very softly with the first loud sound at 1:23. Please adjust the overall volume of your sound system to this level.