Here is a great little animation Heather Strycharz did in After Effects. It promotes her new business and design concept Love Local Design. I did the little piano ditty. Check it out and check out her site!

Animation: Heather Strycharz
Music: Scott Petersen

The Highest Mountain

Animation, Jesse Spielman
Music and Sound, Scott Petersen

The Highest Mountain is the product of my second collaboration with Jesse on an animation project. All ambient noise, beeps, crackles, etc. were synthesized using the SuperCollider 3 programming language. The music was realized using Cecilia to process sounds I designed in SuperCollider, and generate files that I then edited in Csound. Cubase was used to sequence the sound and sync with the film.


Animation, Jesse Spielman
Music and Sound, Scott Petersen

Vrooom is the result of my first collaboration with Jesse Spielman. The city was created by a city-generating algorithm written and subsequently edited and rendered. There are three architectural types, a standard city, a communistic city, and an idealized city. The sound and music were designed to be transparent, a reflection of the ethos of the cities rather than an independent, collaborative element. All of the sounds were synthesized in Reaktor 4, and sequenced with the animation in Cubase.


Film and Sculpture, Moholy-Nagy
Music and Sound, Scott Petersen

This short experimental film by Moholy-Nagy was scored and recorded in Szombathy, Hungary while I was there in the summer of 2000. The work is scored for bass clarinet, horn, trombone, found metal objects and clothes dryer, all recorded and electronically manipulated.

Schwartz-Weiss-Grau by Moholy-Nagy is an experimental silent film from 1930. It consists of various shots of his sculpture Light-Space Modulator. My score uses found objects such as metal plates, rocks, coins, a small communist-era cloths dryer used as a spinning resonant chamber, and a mixed trio of instruments.