Welcome to the home page for Scott Eric Petersen, composer, coder, computer improvisor, electronic musician, and Yale University Lecturer. Here you will find Scott's music, experiments, and thoughts on everything from sound to Linux configurations. If you want to be alerted when a new article or piece are published here, please click the Subscribe tab and enter your email address.

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Pro Audio on Linux

New Article: Pro Audio on Linux

June 10, 2024

Like many of you, I keep an eye on r/linuxaudio for announcements, software updates, and generally to try to help people new to Linux audio…

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Bad Pipewire! Bad KDE Linux!

May 29, 2024

It’s the end of May, Spring is slowly giving way to Summer as the bees buzz around flowering trees and Pipewire is broken on KDE…

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Multichannel Audio Devices and Linux (not a love story)

August 15, 2023

Something has been bothering me for some time since moving to PipeWire on my Linux boxes, and that is the way multichannel audio devices are handled. As we all know (and loath), Linux audio is complicated and terrible, but the upshot is that it gives us a lot of control and the possibility of extremely low latency — critical to realtime audio recording, processing, programming, etc.

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Two SuperCollider FM Synthesis Projects

April 8, 2023

I just posted my second SuperCollider FM Synthesis project to GitHub, a pedagogical extension of a great DX7 “clone” for the SuperCollider language. The project…

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Running A University Linux-based Audio Lab: Part 5 — Nightmares and Light

January 21, 2023

Imaging a University lab is fun and profitable! Learn how!

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A Flawless Linux Audio Experience…

November 30, 2022

I’m not just an emissary for Linux Audio, like everyone else who relies on it and extols its (few) virtues, I’m also its biggest detractor.…

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