Dr. Scott Petersen is a composer, performer, electronic musician and laptop improviser. His current creative work and research revolve around improvisational electronic music, analog electronic instrument design, experimental music programming, and open music technologies. His artistic output is diverse and includes works for large orchestra, small ensemble with and without electronics, works for large homogeneous instrumental groups, film/animation, sound installation, and laptop improvisation with custom-designed hardware and software interfaces. Scott has performed and had his work performed and exhibited throughout the United States and Europe. He is a founding member of both the collaborative New Haven Electronic Music Composers group (El MuCo) and of MakeHaven, a DIY maker space.

Scott is a lecturer in the Computer Science department at Yale University where he teaches computer music and intermedia classes as part of the Computing and the Arts major.  He is also the Director of the Open Music Initiative, an initiative he began in the Music Department at Yale in 2014 to introduce open source hardware and software to faculty, students and staff.  Previously, Scott worked as the Technical Director of the Yale Music Technology Labs.

You can find a curriculum vitae for Scott here.