State Inter State

Recorded improvisation: 19’23

Hardware Components:
Scott Petersen/Ethan Bernard: Custom HEF4046BP audio feedback circuit
Koma Elektronik: Field Kit FX
Korg: Delay Monotron

Technical description:

This performance was accomplished through the slow rotation of a single potentiometer (one of six) that changed the internal feedback relationship between the three oscillators of the custom circuit. The knob was slowly turned from highest resistance to lowest over the period of about 20 minutes. I paused at locations where the oscillator frequencies were close to integer multiples or sums and differences of 1/3 or  2/3. At those frequencies, a feeling of harmonicity and localized stability is heard while the circuit still exhibited some spectral change (phasing) due to the frequency relationships being slightly different.

Recommended listening:

Please listen in a hi-fi audio system (mono is recommended) with capabilities to produce frequencies at or below 40 Hz. Otherwise, use headphones with sufficient low-frequency extension.