Coleoptera A.S. in Memoriam Allan Schindler


First performed November 7, 2018, Hatch Recital Hall, Rochester NY

‘Coleoptera A.S.’ is a 60″ fixed-media realization of a feedback-based synthesis instrument, coded in the SuperCollider programming language, named Coleoptera. Every sound in the piece was generated from the same nine lines of code by varying the input parameters to each new incarnation of the virtual sound creature. The total number of individual voices and all values supplied as input parameters were derived from the date of Allan’s birth. This version of output from the system will remain fixed. The Coleoptera instrument, however, will be used to generate new pieces for live performance in the future — an organic eventualization of the impact Allan has had on my life and music.

The Coleoptera instrument code is shown below.

~coleoptera = {|rFreq = 388.8|
var lfo, source, local;
lfo =, 0.2, 0.2);
source =, 0.00497664) *;
local = + [source, 0];
local =, 0.2, lfo), rFreq + (lfo * 5), lfo + 0.2); // delay sound * 0.8);