DIY Workshop Madness


I am really excited to be teaching a series of open source software and hardware workshops this year at Yale as part of a new initiative we started called the Open Music Initiative.  The aim of the initiative is to indoctrinat… er, expose faculty and students to the merits of FLOSS and open source hardware via workshops wherein attendees will get hands-on experience working with, and more importantly making music with open source technologies.  Additionally, it is my hope that the initiative will eventually become a self-sustaining endeavor largely operated and promulgated by members of the Yale community.

My hope is that eventually the workshop subjects, open source music notation and production, DIY musical instruments, and audio programming will evolve into complete classes that I will be able to teach.  I also hope to be able to teach some of these same workshops and subjects to the wider New Haven CT community through MakeHaven.  We are currently scheduling the first workshop for early September.  In that workshop we will put together the APC (Atari Punk Console) kits from Make Shed.

If you are a member of the Yale community and are interested in attending workshops or joining OMI, please check out the OMI page here, the workshops page here, and/or drop me a line.  If you are in New Haven, but not affiliated with Yale and are interested in music-specific electronics (synths, sensors, programming) please let me know, check out the MakeHaven page here and the MakeHaven Meetup page here, and sign up for some workshops!  The more interest we get from the community the more events we will be able to support.

Cheers, and happy music making!