El MuCo: Meeting Notes and Current Plan of Action

Members of El MuCo:

The intricately lain plans of this evening are here reproduced in all their glory.

meeting notes - December 17, 2008

But, for those who could not make the meeting, some interpretation may be necessary. Here follows some of the decisions arrived at in tonight’s meeting.

1) We’ve settled on a server-client model where the server is stupid rather than attempting to program intelligence: it will basically be a glorified router of sorts.  This is in accordance with our agreement that the first version of the system should be as simple as possible.

2) The server will connect each individual to each other.  Each individual is responsible for creating an interactive instrument that responds to specific OSC messages.  The individual is autonomous and is responsible for creating his/her own instrument. The instrument can be anything, but must incorporate the following key-value pairs (received via OSC messaging) in some way.

\tr: 0 or 1

\float: 0.0-1.0

\int: 20-16k

\arrayF: 16 indexes (elements) each a float with a range of 0.0-1.0

\arrayI: 16 indexes (elements) each an int from 0-11

\string: a string (“ElMuCoRules”) with no white spaces — A-Z only

The messaging system will be of type ‘broadcast’: the individual will select from whom they will accept messages.  (The messages sent by the individual will be available to all, but must be selected by the other individuals.)

The exact nature of the server has yet to be ironed out.  I will post with progress on the server model, code, questions, polls, etc.  If I’ve left anything out, please post a comment.

Our next meeting is scheduled for Saturday January 24th, 2008 at 1pm.  (The Kling’s Birthday!  Happy future birthday The Kling!)