POSC13 Project Page Created

I created a page here for recordings I’m making with SuperCollider and the OP-1 synthesizer. These recordings explore using SC3 only as a parameter generator of MIDI information (notes, CC messages, etc) and the OP-1 as synthesizer. It’s an interesting constraint. On one hand, SC3 can absolutely one-up any of the synthesis/filtering capabilities of the OP-1, which shines as a live performance instrument. That said, there’s something really charming about the synthesis algorithms of the OP-1. It’s also really easy to design compelling sounds quickly on the instrument, allowing you to focus on performance and real-time parameter changes.

In the first record, “Fragmentation” I use SC3 to send MIDI note-on/off messages for the primary instrument (the bell-like instrument that is being run through the variable delay line) as well as CC messages that change the parameters of the delay line FX unit. The the background sound, the string-like chords, SC3 sends only note-on/off messages for a 3 over 4 note pattern while I manually adjust the upper cutoff of the filter FX (red knob).

Both tracks were recorded to the OP-1’s internal memory using the Tape module (thus the 6-minute cutoff…) I then dumped those tracks to PC and did a little FX work in Waveform. Specifically, I added some reverb and spatialization to the strings part and spatialization and EQ to the glitch part.

I hope to add another recording or two to the collection before school picks back up in February. Then, it would be nice to drop them as an EP on Bandcamp or something so anyone could download lossless versions if they wanted. Hopefully, more on that effort soon too.